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Periodontal health is the foundation to a beautiful smile. Our goal, at MD Periodontics is to establish and maintain the health of your teeth and gums through accurate diagnosis and care of your periodontal condition using the most effective and scientifically proven methodologies available. We strive to provide concierge level service and consider no measure excessive to ensure the comfort and convenience for our patients.

Dr.'s Abdy Moshrefi and Nazanin Daneshmand have been practicing in Beverly Hills for close to 20 years and have a unrivaled success record in periodontal and implant therapy. They have a personable and comforting bedside manner, and are there to listen to your concerns and treatment goals.

Dentist Beverly Hills

Our patient centered practice focuses on surgical and non surgical therapies aimed at eliminating infection in the oral cavity, replacing missing tissues with gum or bone grafts and treating missing teeth with dental implants. We pride ourselves in working with the best dentists and specialists in providing a team approach to fulfilling your treatment needs.

Our patients are considered part of our extended family, and we look forward to meeting you.

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Dr. Moshrefi is really good at communicating and I found it easy to understand his plan for my dental procedure, his staff is friendly and I highly recommend MD Periodontics.

- William S.

Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants are extensive and range from restoring your bite functions to rebuilding your smile. This is a convenient procedure that is available if you are experiencing a missing tooth. Our doctors accurately provide a personalized level of implant care that fundamentally transforms your smile!

Periodontal Disease

At MD Periodontics, we can provide comprehensive resources and at-home treatment options for managing periodontal diseases. Our periodontal treatments include extensive bone grafting, osseous surgery, extraction procedures, and more. We maintain high standards that drive us to provide the utmost in periodontal care!

Disease Prevention

The dedicated professionals at MD Periodontics specialize in a variety of treatment options that are optimized to help you prevent diseases. We use a dedicated and consistent approach to managing diseases so you can fundamentally restore the vitality of your smile!

Gum Enhancement

A superb smile showcases a perfect balance of bright teeth and gums. With our gum enhancement options, we can restore a picturesque balance to your smile without any complications. We use timely and effective procedures to brighten your gums and allow you to show off a complete smile!

Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery prevents the loss of bone when periodontal disease is affecting your teeth. We utilize high quality practices to restore the bone tissue and remove bacteria from your mouth so you can sustain the health of your smile!

Ridge Preservation

When an extraction occurs, tissue and underlying jawbone can be damaged. If you want to experience the complete benefits of an extraction while preserving as much of your natural tissue as possible, then a ridge preservation procedure can be performed as part of your treatment.

Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening "expands" your smile by removing excess gum tissue from your teeth. This reveals more of your teeth's surface. We utilize the most consistent and effective practices to help you enjoy a balanced smile!

Bone Grafting

A loss of bone tissue and tooth enamel can be detrimental to your oral health. When this occurs, a “periodontal pocket”, a gap between your tooth root and bone, can occur. Bone grafting is a necessary treatment to correct this problem.

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